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on September 13, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

What Makes “Gray Divorce” Different

There are has been a recent spike in couples pursuing divorces later in life, leading to the coinage of the term “Gray Divorce” to describe this occurrence.

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on September 2, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Child Abuse v. Child Neglect in New York

Child abuse and neglect are two of the most serious and concerning types of cases currently plaguing the Family Court system.

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on September 1, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Back to School for Children of Divorce

It’s that time of year again: the weather is cooling down, days are becoming a little shorter, and kids are going back to school.

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on August 26, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

True American Divorce Statistics

There has been a long standing belief that half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce.

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on August 12, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Divorce and Family Law Misunderstandings

Initiating a divorce or family court matter can be intimidating and confusing, especially when there are many misconceptions surrounding the process.

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on August 4, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Trying to find a divorce or child custody lawyer can be overwhelming.

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on July 20, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Expedited Divorce in New York

The best things in life are worth waiting for.

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on July 15, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Modifying Court Orders in NYC

There are two forms of child support modifications: upwards modification and downwards modification.

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on July 8, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

The Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

It is possible to get a divorce without hiring an attorney, but it isn’t necessarily advised.

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on June 30, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Child Support and Summer Camp

New York State requires a non-custodial parent to help with child rearing costs during, and after, a divorce or child custody action.

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on June 24, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Commemorating Your Divorce

Life’s milestones deserve to be celebrated and commemorated.

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on June 16, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Subpoenas in NY Divorce

Contested divorce actions can be complex.

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on June 10, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Post-Nuptial Agreements for Stay-at-Home Parents

Choosing to become a stay-at-home parent is an admirable decision, but it is one that requires special consideration.

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on June 6, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Learn to Thrive After Divorce

Divorce can be a long process, full of twists, turns, and unexpected roadblocks.

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on May 25, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Divorce and Custody Resources in New York City

The beginning of the divorce process can seem daunting, especially when you don’t know where to turn.

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on May 19, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

The Divorce Process in New York

“What is the divorce process in New York like?” and “What is the timeline for a divorce?”

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on May 12, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Introducing Your Child to the Concept of Therapy

As discussed previously, divorce effects all children differently.

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on May 5, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Divorced Moms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be difficult for divorced parents, especially mothers.

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on April 29, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Would Your Child Benefit from Therapy?

Divorce effects children differently.

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on April 21, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Preparing for a Divorce Consultation

Meeting with an attorney and gathering information is an integral first step in the divorce process.

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on April 15, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

The Stress Free Divorce

Let’s be honest: divorce is hard. It’s a monstrous life change that can be emotionally, mentally, and physically taxing.

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on April 7, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Residency Requirements in New York State

Each State has its own laws concerning matrimonial and family law actions, including pre-filing requirements, rules for the division of assets, and different legal procedures and processes.

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on March 31, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Building a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship

Developing a strong relationship with your attorney is a very important component of crafting a winning divorce strategy.

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on March 24, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Troubled Spouses and Child Custody

Issues surrounding child custody and visitation during contested divorce battles are a major concern for the court.

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on March 17, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Modifying an Order of Child Support

Child support is an integral component of divorce and custody disputes, and is typically awarded to the parent who is granted residential or primary custody of a child or children.

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on March 11, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Preparing for a Divorce Trial

While most divorce cases are settled outside of the court room, highly contested actions often proceed to trial.

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on March 4, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Celebrating with Divorce Parties

Once an outrageous concept, divorce parties are growing in popularity as the stigma associated with ending a marriage disappears.

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on February 29, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Building a Winning Divorce Strategy

Unfortunately, contested divorce cases can be compared to war, with ex-spouses battling it out in the courtroom for child custody, financial support, and the distribution of assets.

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on February 29, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Grounds for Divorce in New York

In 2010, New York became a “no-fault” divorce state.

blog post
on February 11, 2016 / by Brian Perskin

Annulments, Divorce, and Legal Separation

New Yorkers looking to part ways with their spouse have three options: an annulment, divorce, or legal separation.





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