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We’ve Been Nominated for Best of Brooklyn!

Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. is proud to announce their nomination as Best Divorce Law Firm in Brooklyn. The Best of Brooklyn competition, hosted by Dime Community Bank, aims to shed a spotlight on the best businesses in the Borough.

Voting for the Best of Brooklyn

Casting your vote for the Best in Brooklyn competition is simple. Just follow these 4 quick steps to vote for Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C.:

  1. Visit from your computer or mobile device
  2. Click “Vote Now” on the top of the webpage
  3. Under “Categories”, select “Services” and scroll down till you see “Divorce Lawyer” (We’re right on top!)
  4. Click the red “Vote” button, and finish by entering your email address

Voting for the Best of Brooklyn awards ends on September 30th. Don’t forget to check back daily to make sure your vote is counted!

Why is this Important?

The Best of Brooklyn competition lets locals show their love for their favorite restaurants, galleries, and other small businesses. Brooklynites (like you) take great pride in their Borough, and the wealth of services it provides.

The Best of Brooklyn winners are the crème de la crème that Brooklyn has to offer. Don’t you want the best representation for your divorce or family court matter? Don’t settle for a subpar attorney or a mediocre law firm.

Brooklyn’s Best Law Firm

The attorneys at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. have represented thousands of New Yorkers in tough divorce and family law matters. For more information, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, contact Brian and his team at 718-875-7584 today!

What to Expect in Your Divorce Consultation

Divorce consultation

Meeting with an attorney and gathering information is an important first step when filing for a divorce. Attending a divorce consultation can be a nerve-wracking, but necessary, experience. Knowing what to expect can help ease you into the process, and make the experience more comfortable.

What to Expect When You Contact Us

At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., we make it our goal to provide outstanding service to all of our clients. This begins as soon as you call us.

A member of our experienced staff will take your basic information, as well as ask you a few questions about what kind of case you have. (Is your divorce contested or uncontested? Do you need to file for child custody, as well?). You can schedule your free consultation at this time. It’s as simple as that!

Points to Discuss in Your Divorce Consultation

During your free initial consultation with Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., you will have the opportunity to discuss:

  • Grounds for divorce;
  • Distribution of marital assets (home, cars, financial and retirement accounts);
  • Child custody and visitation;
  • Child support and alimony;
  • Relocation after divorce;
  • The general divorce process and timeline;
  • The cost of hiring our firm to represent you.

What Documents Should You Bring?

Prior to your consultation, we will email you an initial intake form, which you can fill out and submit online. In addition to completing the intake form, we request that you bring:

  • Any documents you have been served with (Summons, Petition, or Temporary Order of Protection);
  • Police reports (if applicable);
  • Your marriage certificate;
  • A copy of your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement;
  • A list of items you would like to discuss during your divorce consultation.

If you do not have access to these documents, don’t worry. We do not require that you have them during your consultation, but we will need them before we are able to begin working on your case. It is a good idea to start compiling them as soon as possible.

Get Started Today!

The attorneys at the law firm of Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. have over 50 years of combined experience, and have represented thousands of New Yorkers during tough divorce and family law cases.

Our firm offers free, no-obligation divorce and family law consultations to New York City residents. Scheduling your divorce consultation is easy. You can schedule your appointment online, or call us at 718-875-7584. Let our experience and knowledge work for you- contact us to schedule your divorce consultation today!

Did You Hire the Right Divorce Attorney?

Hiring the right divorce attorney is hard. The process of finding a lawyer can be long, and often involves hours of research and reading client testimonials. Even after you have done your due diligence, you may still find yourself doubting whether or not you made the best decision. How can you really tell if you’ve hired the right divorce attorney?

Below, we highlight the top 4 ways you can tell you hired the right divorce attorney.

You’re on the same page.

You need to be on the same page with your attorney to have a successful divorce or child custody case. Disagreements are normal, but problems will arise if your lawyer is pushing you to have a contested divorce while you’d rather settle quickly.

They’re experienced experts.

Is your attorney experienced? Are they experts in matrimonial and family law?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Matrimonial and family law are incredibly complex areas, and should only be tackled by a seasoned pro.

They are responsive and available.

Your divorce attorney should be responsive, and available to discuss your case with you. If they not respond to emails or phone calls, you should consider hiring a different lawyer. Unfortunately, if your attorney is unresponsive with you, then there is a good chance they do not communicate with the opposing counsel. Failing to communicate can result in missed deadlines and incorrect information on court documents.

You trust your attorney.

Having any amount of distrust in your lawyer is a major sign that they are not the right attorney for you. Divorce and child custody cases are very personal matters, and you rely on your attorney to help you during this sensitive time.

Trust is a key component to building a strong attorney-client relationship, and without it, you will not feel confident in your lawyer’s ability to fight for you. These insecurities are an indication that you did not hire the right divorce attorney.

What can you do if you didn’t hire the right attorney?

While not hiring the right attorney isn’t ideal, you can take measures to fix the situation. You have the right to change lawyers during your case. The process is common, and rather simple.

At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., we pride ourselves on how seamlessly our team of attorneys are able to take over an existing case. Our experience, expertise, and varied forms of representation, have allowed us to represent thousands of New Yorkers during their divorce and family law matters. To find out how we can help you, call 718-875-7584 today!

Why Should You Hire Brian D. Perskin & Associates for Your Divorce Case?

New York City divorce lawyers are a dime a dozen. With an over-saturated market, why should you hire Brian Perskin & Associates P.C. to represent you during your divorce or child custody case?

A Divorce Powerhouse

Brian Perskin, a graduate of Washington College of Law, opened his firm in 1991, which has grown from a one-man operation to one of NYC’s top divorce powerhouses. Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. now hosts a team of expert attorneys, along with a complete paralegal support staff, all working tirelessly to get you a fair settlement.

Intelligent and Aggressive Representation

What makes Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. stand out among their peers is their unique approach to representation. They take the time to sit down with each prospective client, really get a clear understanding of their case, and the outcome they hope to achieve.

Brian Perskin and his team of attorneys cater to each client’s needs by creating a custom case and divorce strategy. Each lawyer has their own style of representation, some favoring settlement, while others are eager to litigate in front of a judge. This diverse practice style allows the firm to advocate efficiently and effectively for all New Yorkers facing a divorce or child custody battle.

Brian Wrote the Book on Divorce Strategy

In order to have a successful case, you need a winning divorce strategy. And who better to create one than the person who literally wrote the book on it? Brian Perskin authored “Winning Divorce Strategies” with the intention of sharing his knowledge with New Yorkers by providing tips and pointers on how to handle divorce, child custody, to help ensure a successful outcome.

Previously only available on Amazon, you can now get a free copy of “Winning Divorce Strategies” on But hurry, this is a limited time offer- get it while you still can!

download free book lightExperts in Their Field

The attorneys at Brian D. Perskin & Associates are experts in matrimonial and family law, with an emphasis being placed on complex divorce matters. Such matters often include:

  • A prolonged discovery process
  • Multiple depositions
  • Tough property distribution negotiations, especially for high net worth clients
  • Sensitive child custody issues
  • Various court appearances

Due to their nature, complex divorce actions take a great deal of time to complete, and require the assistance of an experienced attorney. The team of lawyers at Brian D. Perskin & Associates spend countless hours combing through financial documents, negotiating with opposing counsel, and advocating for their clients in the court room.

The Proof is in the Pudding

If you won’t go to a new restaurant without visiting Yelp first, why should hiring a divorce lawyer be any different? A surefire way to know if a law firm is right for you is to check out reviews on Yelp, Avvo, and Google+.

Unbiased client reviews provide a unique insight into a law firm, often touching the triumphs and successes of the lawyers, while also mentioning any difficulties other clients may have had. They really do provide a well-rounded look into a law firm!

So, spend some time researching the attorneys and law firms you are interested in, and figure out who is best to handle your case. The right team of attorneys can make all the difference.

Attempting to represent yourself during a divorce or child custody case can have disastrous results. So can hiring the wrong attorney. Protect yourself, and your family, by allowing Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. to fight for your rights, and get you the divorce settlement you deserve.

Call 718-875-7584 to schedule a free, no-obligation, consultation today.