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Top 10 Signs You Need a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce. Just the word alone may conjure up feelings of anxiety regarding the unknown. Entering into uncharted waters can be scary and confusing, especially if you aren't familiar with the New ...
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Same Sex Couple Adoption Woes

Late last week, a judge in Brooklyn ruled that a woman was not allowed to legally adopt her wife's biological child. The Honorable Margarita Lopez Torres cited the legalization of same sex ...
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Common Divorce Misconceptions

January, to many lawyers, is referred to as "Divorce Month" based on the high average of new clients and filings during the first month of the new year. Those who are new to the divorce ...
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Law Guardians: An Advocate for Your Child

If you are going through a divorce and have children with your spouse, then chances are you will deal with a law guardian. A law guardian is an attorney that is appointed for the sole purpose of ...
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Don't Stay Together for the Kids!

Divorce has only become socially acceptable within the past few decades. Prior to that, divorcing couples were often looked down upon and judged by our society. Divorced families were considered to be ...
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So, You Want to Relocate

Whether you are in the midst of a divorce or family court battle, or a judgment has already been issued concerning your case, relocating with a child can be difficult if there is a court order in ...
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Our Firm's Successful Divorce Settlements

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, the law office of Brian D. Perskin & Associates will fight to help achieve the result you desire. The attorneys on staff have a proven track ...
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Odd Ruling Out of Tennessee

An odd ruling out of Tennessee has some wondering if a judge overstepped her bounds by changing an infant's name completely- instead of simply deciding which surname the child would have. Jaleesa ...
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Same Sex Divorce

Same sex marriage supporters are rejoicing now that homosexual marriage is being recognized in a growing number of states throughout our country. And where there is marriage, there is sometimes ...
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What is a Private Judge?

A little known trick of the trade to getting a divorce settled quickly is to hire a private judge to hear the case. A private judge can either be a retired judge or a neutral attorney. Both parties ...
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What to Expect When You Contact Us

You've given it careful consideration and have decided that you either want to divorce your spouse or proceed with a family court matter. Either by recommendation from friends or family members, ...
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Expensive Celebrity Divorce Settlements

We've all heard the horror stories involving divorces- they're long, expensive and stressful. The average, run of the mill couple's divorce settlement won't be nearly as costly as ...
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Fathers and Divorce

Men are often overlooked when it comes to divorce. Traditionally, males have been the main breadwinners, thus being required to pay a sum of money each month to their ex-wife in the form of alimony ...
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Custody Agreement Reached in NFL Slay

A child custody decision was reached this week regarding Zoey Belcher, daughter of the late Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher. The infant girl was left without parents on December 1, 2012 when ...
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Technology Changes the way Ex's Communicate

Technology is constantly advancing, and with it, so are the ways we communicate. Instead of hoping to catch someone on the phone while they are in their house, we can talk to them whenever and ...
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Choosing the Right Attorney

We've all seen the ads online or in the back of the classified section of the newspaper, advertising "Quick and Easy Divorces for a Low, Low Price!", and maybe you've even considered ...
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More FAQ Regarding Divorce and Family Law

With a combined total of over 40 years of collaborative experience, the attorneys at Brian D. Perskin and Associates have handled thousands of divorce and family law cases. Throughout their years ...
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Divorce: Do You Really Need Court?

You and your spouse may not have agreed on much during your marriage, but surprisingly, the one thing you do agree on is a court free divorce. Yes, you read that right: you can get divorced without ...
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Man Avoids Court-Ordered Test by Shaving

New York man Roberto De Paz attempted to avoid a court-ordered hair-follicle test in a custody case by shaving his body hair. Nassau County Family Court Judge Julianne Eisman ordered De Paz to undergo ...
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Recent Court Decisions in New York

Child Support: Julissa A. v. Martin O., April 9, 2013 - NY Family Court dismissed the mother's petition for a modification of a child support order because she failed to prove that there was a ...
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Unusual Adoption Case to go Before U.S. Supreme Court

An unusual adoption case, which exemplifies the complexity and significance of certain family law disputes, will go before the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2013. The case incorporates adoption law, ...
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Child Custody Decision of Interest

In a recent family law case, decided by Justice Jeffrey Sunshine in Kings County on Monday, a mother was granted custody of her children, while their father was granted decision-making custody for ...
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Child Custody: How do Courts Determine "Best Interests of the Child"?

When determining child custody in divorce cases, New York courts either order joint custody arrangements, meaning both parents share legal and physical custody of the child, or grant sole custody to ...
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Liberty Ross Files for Divorce from Rupert Sanders 6 Months After His Affair

While celebrity divorces are rarely surprising anyway, some are especially easy to see coming. The divorce of Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross is one of them. Ever since Rupert cheated on his wife with ...
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Relocating with Your Child After Divorce

If you have physical custody of your child and are considering moving to another state, you may be wondering if you will be allowed to go. You will need to talk to a lawyer about your specific case to ...
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