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The Kardashian Case Could End Up In Divorce Court

Most people are already aware of the drama that stems from the widely publicized divorce of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian. Now the drama seems to be escalating because Kris apparently wants to go to divorce court.

He claims his insistence on going to court is less about the money she has supposedly kept and more about exposing her lies. One example of an issue he is upset about is that she reportedly kept a $325,000 wedding gift and refuses to share it with him. Of course, he rightfully owns part of the present, so if she wants to keep it, she needs to include it in negotiations. This means she could perhaps keep it if she compromises by offering Kris an asset that is worth about the same amount.

The couple has apparently been trying to negotiate out of court for months, but Kris is not happy with the results so far. Making matters worse, Kim has been dating Kanye West, which may contribute to her ex-husband's anger at the situation. Not everyone dates so soon after divorce since they are not usually ready, and also bringing another person into the picture before the divorce is even complete can cause more drama. This is just one example of a dramatic celebrity divorce.

In addition, it is an example of what can happen when couples try to work out the divorce details outside of court, and one of the spouses makes it difficult. You may be trying to stay out of court, but sometimes it makes sense to finally put a stop to drawn out negotiations and just get it all over with in divorce court. At least this way you know you will get an answer so you can move on with life.

Many lawyers feel otherwise, and try to encourage couples to negotiate for months or even years. However, as you can see with this celebrity divorce case, the case can drag on relentlessly. This means spending more money on legal fees, and suffering from more drama and hurt. That's why you should consider divorce court if it seems your former spouse refuses to compromise or even deliberately drags the case out.

If you need a competent divorce lawyer to represent you in court, you should consider Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. We have the ability to both support you during negotiations with your ex and represent you in divorce court if it comes to that. We do not believe in wasting your time trying to come to an agreement with an ex who will not budge, so come to us to get results.

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