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Martin Lawrence Files for Divorce

Yet another celebrity has filed for divorce: Martin Lawrence seeks to divorce wife Shamicka. They were married for less than two years, and legally separated one day before filing. However, they were together as a couple for 15 years, and they have two daughters together who are 11 and 9 years old.

One thing most people want to know during celebrity divorce cases is whether the couple had a prenuptial agreement. In this case, they did, which means they likely already know who gets which of their assets and debts. Not having a prenuptial agreement could drag the divorce out longer than necessary because couples rarely instantly agree on what each person should walk away with.

One detail that is not as set in stone as this couple's assets is child custody. Apparently, the actor is requesting joint physical custody of the children, meaning he would likely get about as much time with the kids as his wife would. There is no word yet on whether his wife is protesting joint physical custody, though Martin did comment that the couple has already pledged to try to get along and raise their children jointly.

Martin is also asking for joint legal custody. This means he will be able to help make decisions regarding where the children go to school and church, as well as any other issues that could affect their wellbeing. Martin could end up with either type of custody, or both, with the latter being the most likely scenario since the two often go hand in hand.

Of course, the couple's divorce lawyers still need to start negotiating to determine all the details. For example, it remains to be seen which holidays each parent will get with the children. In addition, the custody arrangement will likely have to work around Martin's career, as well as that of his wife, if she is employed. Therefore, many details have to be considered before the case is closed.

The couple filed for divorce in Los Angeles County, and since California is a community property state, their assets would have been divided equally were it not for the prenuptial agreement. This is not the case in New York, which uses equitable distribution to divide the assets. This may mean Martin would have fared best filing in this state instead of California if he did not have the prenup.

Irreconcilable differences was the reason given for the divorce, which seems to be a common theme in many celebrity divorces. There are no additional details at this time that explain what went wrong when the long relationship became a short marriage.

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